Five Things Only People Living in Small Spaces Understand


Being a person who lives in a small space is not the bad thing that so many people say it is. There are many people in the world who have a small home and understand things that no one else would ever understand. These people get it. They get what life is all about, and they get what it’s like to have to confine and keep things in a place that makes them easily accessible but also out of the way. I used to live in a small space when my husband and I built our first home, and it was an experience that taught me a lot about myself and who I am as a person. It also helped me to understand things that no one else seems to get. It’s kind of funny when you say something to people who never lived in a small space, and they don’t understand what the issue is; but it’s there. And you might recognize some of these truths.

Cleaning While Cooking Rocks

If you have a small space, you must clean as you cook. This is still something that I do when I’m at home in my big house, too. And it’s something that makes after dinner clean up a breeze. I love the concept of doing this when I cook.

Stuff is Over-Rated

Who needs stuff? I have a much larger home now, and I still hate stuff. I don’t like knick-knacks and I don’t save anything we don’t use right here and right now. I like the idea of not having clutter and stuff everywhere – and I love the only things we have stored in our attic and laundry room are holiday decorations.

Bathroom Counters are not for Clutter

I have the world’s largest bathroom counters now, and my husband feels that we need things on them. I learned living in a small space that bathroom counters are not for clutter, and I can’t change the way that I feel about that. It’s just not possible.

Having People Over is Over-Rated

When you have small space, you have less need to invite people over. And it’s something that you will appreciate even more when you have a bigger space and you can have people over without feeling as if you are tripping on them.

Clean up is Fast and Simple

This is what I hate about a larger space. Clean up takes so much longer. Having three times the square-footage makes it such a time-consuming process, and it’s a bit over-rated. Small spaces are so fast and easy to clean, and that’s wonderful.

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