Five Life Lessons You Can Learn from Having a Tiny Apartment


Life lessons are the most educational. They say if you want to teach someone something, tell them. But if you want them to remember something, let them experience it. Every life experience is its own life lesson of sorts, but every situation teaches you something different and valuable. Even situations you might not consider teach valuable lessons, such as living in apartments like one or two bedroom apartments, or even luxury apartments. I’ve never lived in an apartment, but I can tell you that my husband and I occupied a very small home for almost a decade. When we were first married at the age of 21, we built our first house. At 1200 square feet, it was perfect for us. Eight years and two kids later, we were considering the fact that it was time to move. Add a set of newborn twins to the mix and we were absolutely certain it was time to move. We’re now at more than 3800 square feet under roof and loving every square inch but we learned some of our most valuable life lessons living in our small house; and they made us much better people.

Stuff is Not Important

When you live in a small space, you realize that stuff is not good. And that’s something I’ve taken with me into my larger home. I don’t like stuff and clutter and knick-knacks, and they really just take up space in your life. They add nothing to it, just detract from what’s really important. It’s nice knowing that my life isn’t filled with clutter.

Space Bags are a Life-Saver

These are the best things you will ever own. Get them, use them, love them. You can use them to store clothing off-season, blankets, pillows and things you use sometimes but not that often. They save space and make life so much simpler.

There’s a lot of Love in Small Spaces

When you have a small space, you are on top of one another all the time. And when you are on top of one another all the time, you better get along pretty well. Only the best of the best can be placed in small spaces and make it through that unscathed.

Organization is Key

When you live in a small studio apartment, you have to be organized and efficient or you will never feel completely comfortable. Life is about organization and happiness is about being in the know. You will find that things are a lot simpler when you have the kind of organization that is necessary in a small space.

Less Clutter, Less Stress

The less you have, the more you feel good about life. The less clutter in a home, the less stress that’s in your life; and that’s something that anyone will tell you. There is something to be said for having very few ‘things’ and more experiences, and we can attest to this.

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