Where to Find a Cheap Mini Fridge


If you’re planning on building an outdoor living space that includes a kitchen, you’re going to want a mini-fridge. If you are planning on adding a game room or a mancave to the house, you will need a mini-fridge. If you are going to move into a dorm, you are going to need a mini-fridge. Basically, most people find that, at some point in their lives, they have some sort of use for a mini-fridge – and that’s cool. The only issue with these little refrigerators is the price. You won’t really find a cheap mini-fridge anywhere unless you look hard, and you don’t want to go too cheap and not get what you need. You do, after all, need one large enough to hold what you need and take care of all that you want to take care of, and we have some suggestions for you to keep you on budget, but also on track.

Check Sales

When appliances stores go on sale, check to see if they have any of these available at a discount. You might be surprised just how many do have these on sale from time to time, and it is sometimes worth it to wait for a sale like this.

Check Garage Sales

Believe it or not, sometimes people like sell nice things and not just their grandmother’s old lamp. If you choose a nice neighborhood and hit the sales, you might find that someone remodeling or moving has one of these to sell you at a price that is worth it.


Check sites such as Overstock.com and Amazon.com, and even sites such as eBay. You might be able to find local sales pages online that allow you to contact people in your area – being as safe and public as possible – that are selling cheap mini-fridges that fit right into your budget and needs.

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