Where to Find Cheap Bedding for Your Guestroom


I once saw a quote that I really felt applied to all areas of my life in a way that nothing else has ever since. “You spend the most time on your feet and asleep, so it would only make sense that you invest in both your shoes and your bedding,” or something to that effect. Actually, it was probably not even close to this and anyone on Pinterest has seen the quote and will attest to that (because by “I once saw a quote,” I mean I saw it this morning while drinking my coffee and wasting time on my phone). Either way, the concept is there; buy good shoes and buy good bedding and mattresses. And I really could not agree more. So when it comes to finding good, quality bedding, the last phrase you really want to use is cheap bedding. But if you are looking to pick up bedding for people that are coming to your house to stay for a few days, I say there is nothing wrong with cheap bedding. You want people to go home, so buying bedding that’s not comfortable is always excellent advice. But where do you shop for cheap bedding? Allow me to help you with that one.


We have to say that if you can buy an entire bedding set for under $30, it’s cheap and it’s probably not very comfortable. But it’s perfect for keeping people out of your guest room on a regular basis. The best part is that you can shop online and in-store and find a ton of stuff.


We love Amazon because you can buy anything in any price range on this site, which is what makes it such a great place to shop. You can go cheap or expensive, and you can get exactly what it is you are looking for with very little effort at all.


The same rule applies to Overstock as Amazon. You pick the budget and you set the price range, and you shop for what it is you want and need and it’s there for you. End of story; you now have cheap bedding.

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