How to Find Cheap Area Rugs that Look Elegant and Expensive

Area Rugs

Most often it is the smallest, most seemingly insignificant details that matter most in life. It applies to everything from your home to your appearance to your work; it’s everything. For that reason, we don’t often recommend that you put little effort into the little things. We don’t recommend that you cheap out when it comes to the find details; we usually recommend you put the most effort into those because it’s the little things that create the big picture.

However, when it comes to area rugs for families with small children, we tend to advise that perhaps you look for an area rug that might be a bit on the cheap side. We don’t recommend you look for one that’s so cheap it looks cheap, but we also don’t think it’s necessary to buy one that costs thousands of dollars when all it’s going to do is give you anxiety and cause you undue stress. You have your entire life to spend money on an Aubusson for your home, but you only have small kids once – and they will destroy such a beautiful piece of artwork for your floor. That’s why we think you should skip the designer rug in favor of cheap area rugs until the kids are gone – and we have a few places you can find them for very little.


Believe it or not, you can head to the Walmart website and check out hundreds of area rugs in all price points, and some of them are very nice considering they’re so cheap. It’s probably a good idea to look for something that a shade of neutral with a slight pattern; to bold and bright and you risk ending up with something that looks a little cheap in the long run.

Carpet Stores

Here’s our favorite way to area rug a house; go to the flooring store and pick out a piece of carpet you love – go expensive on this one if you want. Then ask the sales associate to cut that carpet into the size area rug you need and detail the sides so that it looks like a rug. Now you have a really nice area rug made of carpet, so it’s guaranteed it won’t look cheap – and you spent a lot less than you might have thought you would.


It’s another place we love for inexpensive pieces such as rugs. Try online since the selection is much larger; and the details are more variable on the internet. You’ll be able to find something the size you want and the color you want – and they’re usually always on sale.

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