Expecting Guests? Prepare Your House in 10 Minutes

If you are anything like me, your house stays clean at all times. This does not mean that there aren’t toys on the floor – there are – or sippy cups sitting on the coffee table – there are. This means that there are never dishes in the sink, the furniture is always dusted, and everything is in its place. It’s always clean, but I do have two kids so it is lived in. However, when I am expecting guests, I always want to spruce things up just a little. Here are a few things that make sprucing up your home easier and faster, since sometimes you only have a few minutes before unexpected guests arrive.


The guest bathroom should be the room you clean first. Clean the toilet, the sink, and sweep the floors as quickly as possible. Toss the kids’ toys in the tub and shut the shower curtain! Straighten the towels and light a scented candle to make the room look and smell like perfection.

Show Some Love to Your Entryway

Nothing worries me more than the state of my front porch when I know I have guests coming over. Something I always do is run a towel over the bistro table and sweep in front of the door. This helps keep dirt and mulch out of the house when people walk in and it makes the front of my house look cleaner and more welcoming.

Turn on the Lights

Since most dust and other debris are more visible when the lights are on, turn them on and check for it. Then wipe down all of your commonly used areas so that guests don’t see dust when they sit down and make themselves comfortable.

Clean the Floors

Shake the couch cushions and then do a quick run around the house with the vacuum to pick up all the loose dirt, dust, and crackers (or maybe that’s just my kids?). Cleaning your floor is essential, and it becomes even more enjoyable when you have a beautiful option like hybrid flooring.


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