Essential Accessories for Better Bedroom Organization


Keeping your bedroom organized should not be much of an issue since all you should have in that room is your furniture, your clothing and your accessories. There are other rooms for other items, such as paperwork and office belongings. If you have all that in your bedroom, go ahead and make a plan to get rid of it so that you can turn your bedroom into a comfortable and welcoming sanctuary. Now it’s time to get organized so that your bedroom always makes you feel as if you are in a haven of warmth and comfort. It’s the place where you sleep and spend quality time with your spouse. It’s where you dress in the mornings and relax. For that reason, your bedroom should be an organized area that makes all of the above simple. And we have a few essentials that will help you get as organized as possible.

Bathroom Organizers

Even if your bedroom is clean and organized, your bathroom can make your entire bedroom feel like a mess. You’re going to want organizers that hold your items to place under your sinks so that everything is always in order. We love stackable Rubbermaid drawers that allow you to fill each with makeup, accessories, hair items, cleaning items, spare items…and everything in between. An attachment to your master, this room should be organized, too.

Closet Shelves

If you haven’t a closet organization system already, now is the time to invest in one. You can do as little as just add a secondary shelf so that you have more space, or you can go all out and get an entire system for your closet. It’s really up to you. What you should have, however, are shelves where you can fold jeans and pants, space to hang dresses, shirts and skirts and a place to fold sweaters. You need an area to hang scarves and to store bags and shoes so that everything is always organized and always in order.

A Standing Jewelry Box Mirror

This is the best thing I’ve ever purchased. Even with a very large master, I still like to maximize space and stay organized, and I love things that do the job of two items instead of one. I have a large full length mirror that opens up into a jewelry box where I can organize hundreds of pieces of jewelry in their own unique areas, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches and everything in between. This keeps the dresser top more organized since I don’t feel the need to drop those things up there.

A Lovely Decorative Tray

Put this on the dresser and use it as a ‘keep all’ sort of area. It’s for keys, wallets, phones and mail that needs to go out or whatever else you find yourself tossing on top of your dresser on a regular basis. This tray is going to allow you to toss your stuff down the way you like, but it will keep it looking a lot more organized and appropriate.

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