Reasons You Should Consider Embracing Color In Your Home

If the idea of color in your home makes you nervous, you are not alone.  Many of you have chosen beige for so long in our choices of home décor that the idea of adding color in your home seems very foreign and exotic.  But you can have color without it becoming too much.  Let’s talk about how.

Everyone has a different tolerance for color.  Some of us love color and have it throughout our house and in every room.  Then there are those that have very little color and are afraid to even experiment with it.  Try to set your goal at finding the happy medium in between those two extremes.

Try adding color in your home a little at a time, with little pops of color here and there.  A good way to start adding color is with accessories such as throw pillows or a rug.  You may even want to add color in a vivid piece of artwork that is behind your sofa or above your bed.

Or course you want to choose a color you like when you start adding color in your home.  Another suggestion is to make mild choices when it comes to color.  In other words, unless you are just a person that has a long standing love affair with a vivid orange, it may not be the color that you want to start with when you are just starting to experiment with adding color in your home.  You might choose a milder shade of the color you love or a color that doesn’t have so much power to it.  Choosing to go so strong from the very beginning may overwhelm you.  Take it slow and you may find that you fall in love with using color in your home.

For some information on the best color combinations for your home, you may find this article by Real Simple interesting.

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