Easy Ways to Revamp Your Kitchen

It doesn’t matter where you set up the bar, where you want your friends and family to gather to socialize, visit and gossip about life’s fun facts: They will always end up in the kitchen. There’s just something so homey and comforting about a kitchen. Perhaps it reminds women of a time when their mothers and grandmothers use to cook delectable meals and spend time together as a family. That doesn’t happen as often these days with schedules filled to overflowing with kids, work, home, practices, clubs, meetings, travel, and just life in general. If your kitchen always winds up the consummate gathering place, you might consider revamping its style just a little to make it more inviting.

Bright Paint

The easiest way to transform the look of any space is with paint. A homey, inviting kitchen is one that appears warm and caring, which is why shades of yellow, blue and green are always good color choices.

Fresh Herbs

Nothing smells better than delicious herbs when cooking. Make your kitchen look and smell delicious and welcoming with a windowsill full of your own herbs. Try basil and other herbs to make your kitchen more inviting.

No Thanks to Curtains

Most kitchens have at least one window, which is typically located over the sink. To make your kitchen appear brighter forgo using curtains. The sun will shine into your workspace making it feel comfortable for you and your guests.

Wood or Bust

One look that makes every kitchen look warm and inviting is wood floor. No one said tile is necessary in a kitchen, which means the next time you are looking to do a little renovating wood floors are a good start in the kitchen.

Smells Delicious

Even when you’re not cooking up something fabulous – or simply don’t know how to – your kitchen should always smell like heaven. One way to do this is to invest in a few food-scented candles. Try one that smells like cake batter, pumpkins or cinnamon for a delectable scent that draws your guests into your lovely gathering space.


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