Discover The Keys To Having A Clean House All Of The Time

Having a clean house can seem like an impossibility but it is something that you can achieve without running yourself ragged.  The key is to have a schedule and stick to it.  There are things you should do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

There are things you should do to have a clean house on a daily basis.  What are those things?  On a daily basis, you should be cleaning the kitchen up, doing any loads of laundry that have accumulated to avoid spending a whole day on that task, making the beds, and picking up and putting away anything that is out of place.  These are things that can be done in about an hour to an hour and a half.

On a weekly basis, you should do a weekly cleaning to have a clean house.  The chores you should do weekly are dusting, cleaning bathrooms, changing sheets, doing your floors, cleaning glass things such as mirrors, glass doors and tv and computer screens.  Also good to do on a weekly basis is clean your microwave and wipe down your washer and dryer.

Monthly chores you should aim to attend to are cleaning out the refrigerator and cleaning the top of it.  Wiping down the kitchen cabinets should be done about once a month.  Wiping down your wall decor falls on the monthly list.

Yearly cleaning usually occurs at our house in the spring.  This is when the major cleaning takes place.  Walls are washed down, furniture is pulled apart and cleaned, mattresses are flipped, kitchen cabinets and closets are cleaned out.

Having a clean house is something we all want and following this schedule guarantees that you will have it.  We all have days where we get off track and something slides off the list but if you are dedicated to following this, a clean house will be your reward.


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