Discount Flooring: What do You Want in Your Home?


Homeowners often find themselves faced with questions non-homeowners never have to consider. For example, is discount flooring different than the flooring you’d buy a Lowes or Home Depot or the wood floor store down the street? The general rule of thumb is that most people consider anything with the phrase ‘discount’ in front of it cheaper and of lesser quality. However, this is not always the case. In fact, many discount flooring stores are not offering lesser quality products, they’re offering flooring that’s discounted only if you buy a lot of it all at once or styles that have been discontinued and are no longer selling in other stores. For reasons such as these, companies can offer lesser prices. Of course, that does not mean that some stores might not offer flooring that’s absolutely lesser quality, it just all depends on what you’re getting and how you’re getting it. If you’re looking into redoing the floors in your home, perhaps you should consider several of the most popular options so that you know what to look for when shopping discount stores.

Hardwood Flooring

People love the look of hardwood based on its elegance and chic nature. It’s lovely, it’s easy to clean and it’s easy on the eyes. However, real hardwood is not very durable and it requires refinishing every so often. Real hardwood is easily scratched and damaged, which is why more homeowners go with a lesser quality floating wood floor that looks just as good, is less expensive and is a lot more durable.


Tile is a great option for many homeowners as it’s something that offers you the same kind of easy to clean nature as wood floor, and it’s very durable. The only issue people tend to have with tile in their homes is the fact that their grout can get very dirty very quickly and requires frequent deep cleaning. It’s not a bad kind of floor to go with, however.


It’s not for everyone, but carpet installation is – and always has been – very popular. It’s quick to run a vacuum over, it’s soft and it’s quiet. These are things that parents appreciate when they have small kids in the house. Of course, it’s also more difficult to clean if there is a mess made, and it can stain. Frequent shampooing is often needed in homes where children and animals are present.

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