Decorating Like a Pro With 3 Simple Tips

Decorating your house is one of those things you probably love to do but you aren’t sure how to do. Some people find it difficult to engage in decorating. Why? I have no idea. However, if you want to be more decorative and make your house more appealing any time of the year, there are a few very simple tricks you can use to your advantage. Your guests will begin to think you’ve hired a professional to do all your decorating.

Fresh Flowers

There is nothing quite like the presence of fresh flowers in your home throughout the year. You can pick them up at the supermarket, at the florist or even in your own garden if you have one. The trick here is to make sure your flowers are artfully arranged and seasonally appropriate. For example, if you choose large gerber daisies from the garden, try placing a simple long stemmed one, two or three into tall vases throughout the house for a simple effect in the spring and summer. If you want to use white roses, combine them with red winter flowers in low vases with short stems.

Fresh Fruits

If flowers are out of your budget or you simply do not care for the maintenance required to keep them fresh and alive, try using fresh fruits instead. A large bowl filled with lemons is a beautiful décor addition to your table. Or perhaps you can fill a tall vase with limes and add it to a windowsill to make it look more decorative and homey during the spring.

Use Candles

There’s never an inappropriate time for candles. Choose different colors and fragrances to go with each season, but be sure to choose wisely. One of my favorite looks is created using pillar candles in solid white. Group them together in threes by adding a few in different heights for a dramatic look.

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