There Are Successful Ways You Can Deal With Difficult Neighbors

Difficult neighbors can be a pain, to say the least.  They can disturb your sleep, your privacy and your peace of mind.  And while you certainly can’t control your neighbors, there are things you can do to make getting along with them easier.

Strategy one is to remember that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  That’s an old saying that basically means that you will get more done with kindness than with complaints.  Instead of complaining when they mow their lawn early on a Saturday morning they are ruining your only day to sleep in, try telling them how much you appreciate that they keep their lawn looking so nice and tidy.  Then slide a comment in about how you wait till later in the day because you want to enjoy Saturday morning quiet to sleep.  With any luck they will take the hint.

Second, remember that fences make good neighbors.  This is true, both figuratively and literally.  Having a Commercial Fencing Contractor build you a fence does help with difficult neighbors.  It protects your privacy and buffers the backyard noise between the two properties.  Figuratively, this saying means that you shouldn’t get too friendly with your neighbors.  It is fine to give a friendly wave when you pass and occasionally you will have the luck of making friends with your neighbors but most of the time you have less trouble if you keep a bit of distance.  Difficult neighbors aren’t as difficult if you don’t have interactions with them.

If your difficult neighbors will not respond to your efforts to be kind or respect the distance you wish for, then weigh how badly their behavior is bothering you.  It is always better to ignore the little things but if there is something serious that you just can’t tolerate, such as music all night long every weekend or you suspect illegal activity, you can always alert the local authorities.


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