The Most Cost Effective Ways to Organize Your Closet


Have you ever realized just how much of an adverse affect on your life a disorganized closet has? It can cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. It can cause you to feel panic when you’re choosing your clothes for the day. It can cause you to feel that your entire life is out of order and in complete chaos. That’s why I have an organized closet. When my husband does laundry (I love him), he always manages to hang things in the wrong place. I know I shouldn’t complain considering he washes, dries, folds, and steams laundry often, but I like things a certain way so that I feel organized and in control, and I feel like I’m going to hyperventilate when I walk into my closet after he’s been in there (also, I could be slightly OCD about cleanliness, order and being in total control of everything – possibly). An orderly closet can change the game; it’s a game-changer. For that reason, I want to give you all some tips that will make you feel more organized, put together and in control of your own life – and they’re all cost effective closet-organization skills.

Get Rid of the “Stuff”

You know the rules; please don’t make me repeat them. If you haven’t worn it in a year, throw it away. If it’s too big, either tailor it or get rid of it. If it’s too small or unflattering on you, get rid of it. If it looks like something your daughter could wear or it’s made of polyester, stained or ripped in some way, throw it out.

Organize by Season and Color

It’s free to organize your closet this way, you know. Take everything out and organize it by winter clothes, summer clothes and those clothes you can wear in between when it’s not quite either/or just yet. Then hang them up according to season and color. Black winter clothes, blue, white, red, pink, yellow….Black summer clothes, blue, white, red pink. And take it a step further and break them down into items. Pants, Jeans, skirts, sweaters, blouses, dresses; it’s the best form of organization ever.

Get Some Shower Curtain Hooks

For just a few dollars you can get cheap shower curtain hooks to hook around your hangers to create scarf and belt hangers. You will then have everything hanging up in an organized manner that is sure to leave you feeling good about yourself.

Keep Shoes in Boxes

If a closet organization system is out of your budget, keep your shoes in their boxes (or small Rubbermaid boxes) and affix a photo of the shoes to the front of the box and stack them up on the shelves or the floor. This will help you see the shoe without always having to make a mess, and it looks clean and organized.

Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for Bloomingdale’s


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