Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Implement at Home

Why no one has invented a self-cleaning house is really just beyond me, but the fact is that until they do, we are all stuck doing dishes, putting laundry away and picking up after everyone else – or we hire out for these things. Cleaning usually isn’t very much fun, but it doesn’t have to be the worst thing you ever do. Here are a few simple tips that will make cleaning easier than ever.

Wipe Up Immediately

When you spill something on the counter in the middle of making dinner, wipe it up right away. This will save you time later when you attempt to wipe up something that’s dried to your countertops and more difficult to clean.

Clean the Sponge

You might use it to clean your counters, to wash your dishes or to wipe up spills in other places and for that reason, you need to clean your sponge. It’s not cleaning anything if it’s covered in germs and filth. Dampen it and zap it in the microwave for a minute or two to kill the germs.

Ice is Nice

To clean out the grease and other nasty stuff from your garbage disposal, run ice through it. The ice will break up in the disposal and help clean out the junk and make sure that it’s in great working order for a much longer period of time.

Get a Tennis Ball

If you have scuffs on your wall or trim, use a new tennis ball to clean it up in no time at all. The key is to use a new ball when you clean your scuffs and you won’t have to worry about marks on your white doors or white trim ever again. This is a tip that keeps your house looking newer and cleaner even when you don’t clean anything else.


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