Clean Your House With Products You Have Around The House

So, there’s a conventional  way to clean and a not so conventional way to clean.  The truth is as long as the house gets clean it really doesn’t matter how or what you use, does it?  No, but did you know you have lots of products you can use right under your nose that can easily pull double duty for you, saving you loads of money?

For example, you don’t need to buy any furniture polish.  Used dryer sheets are really good at grabbing dust.  Put used ones in a basket on top of a shelf near your dryer and when you are ready to dust, stack two or three of them together, fold and you have a great dusting rag without having to buy any product.

Do you have difficult to remove stains on your carpet?  Shaving cream is a great stain remover.  Also you can place a damp towel on carpet that has been dampened and iron the spot over top the damp towel with the iron on low to medium.  Just be very, very careful not to scorch your carpet.

Toothpaste is a great abrasive cleaner for spots on doors or linoleum.  You can also use toothpaste that whitens teeth to clean doors or white walls and it will ‘bleach’ those spots out.

If you need an abrasive cleaner that is even tougher, baking soda is the way to go.  Mix a few spoonfuls with water and you have a heavy-duty cleaner.

The power of plain water is underestimated.  I actually have not bought glass cleaner in years.  I wet a rag and wipe my television screens and mirrors, following by a dry paper towel to buff the moisture away.  It works wonderfully!  I have got so many compliments on having clean mirrors that don’t have streaks.

Use your creativity when you clean.  You will need to buy less products than you thought.


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