Cheap Rugs or Expensive Rugs: Where to Put Them?


There’s so much debate about the concept of cheap rugs. They’re going on the floor, so why spend a lot of money on them, right? It does make sense, but there’s more to it than just that. For example, a quality rug that’s made with beautiful materials is going to withstand and last a lot longer than a cheap one. Additionally, an expensive rug can transform the entire look of a room in a positive manner whereas a cheap one can change the look of a room for the worse. Essentially, the rugs you choose in your house are going to make a big difference, and it’s time to decide when and where you can use cheap rugs and where you need to spend a bit more money on rugs. Our advice is going to help you transform the look of your home to chic and elegant, and you’re going to love it.


For children’s bedrooms, guest rooms and even the master bedroom you can go with a cheaper rug. These aren’t seen by the general public too much, and they’re not rugs that will see a lot of foot traffic. This means they’ll last a bit long and look less worn over time.

Living Areas

If you’re looking for a rug in the main area of your home, whether it’s the dining room, living room or formal room, go with one that’s made with a bit more quality. These are heavily trafficked areas that will require a rug that can withstand feet, wear and a tear. Otherwise you’re going to end up spending more over time to replace this rug continuously.

Kitchens, Mud Rooms and Entry Ways

Go cheap here. These rugs are easily destroyed, and it’s better to not care. With dirty feet coming in from the outdoors and the mess that a kitchen brings with it, these rugs should be smaller and very cheap so that you can easily replace them every few months or seasons without feeling wasteful.

Photo by Yves Forestier/Getty Images For Style.UZ


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