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Imagine getting online, finding a room or a piece of furniture that inspires your decision to redecorate and recreating any room in your house in a matter of minutes, from beginning to end; that’s exactly what Dorothee Fisher and Heather Gillette had in mind when they created nousDECOR. Partnering with Mark Cutler, a Robb Report Top 40 US Designer, the duo created the site to help homeowners redecorate from start to finish, from finding inspiration to choosing items in your budget to finding exactly where to purchase your new pieces. Your friends and family will never believe you didn’t hire an interior designer.


nousDECOR serves perfectly as inspiration for your decorating needs. Logon to find photos of gorgeous pieces designed to inspire any room of your home. Designed to allow you to find complete looks for any room in your home, nousDECOR features rooms for every taste, while also providing you with the ability to make changes to the room. Love the way the furniture looks in one room, but you’re not crazy about the tables the designers used to create the look? With the click of the mouse, you’ll find dozens of alternative tables of the same size to exchange and recreate the room to that of your own personal taste.

Price Point

One of the best features of this home décor site is the fact that you can take any room, any piece and any inspiration and find it within your price point. Is there a to-die-for sideboard you simply cannot live without on the site, but you can’t afford the $10,000 price tag? Change the price options on your screen and watch as dozens of other sideboards of the same size and color appear – all within the price point you just specified. See an entire room on the site you want to recreate at home? You can run your mouse over each piece to see individual prices as well as the price of the entire room – and where to purchase each piece. If your budget is less than the $20,000 room, specify that and watch as each piece is modified with pieces in the same color and size that are within your personal budget using the Same Look Different Price tool.


Moodboards allow you to create and save the looks that inspire you. You can also use them to upload photos of pieces you might already have at home, submitting any query you might have. Before you know it, Mark Cutler – and anyone else that uses the site and has advice to offer – will respond with an answer to your question, whether it’s advice as to which color scheme best works with your piece or where you can find the perfect end tables to work with the shape of your furniture and living room.

At nousDECOR, inspiration is abundant, but it’s not all you’ll find. We all love our Pinterest boards and sites such as Houzz, but all they provide is inspiration. Using nousDECOR is a serious option for those who want a comprehensive way to redecorate – you won’t click on the link of something you love only to find it leads you nowhere. You’ll find that this is a décor site that allows you to change your house from start to finish, all within your budget.

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