A Few Tips To Redesign Your Kitchen

It’s the room you spend the most time in, which means it’s probably the room your guests spend the most time in. Kids do their homework at the counter, the family dines together, and guests gather to sip a great glass of wine and talk about their lives. The kitchen is the best room in the house, which is exactly the reason why it should be the most comfortable, fabulous room in the house. If you are looking to redesign your kitchen completely or just add a few touches of personality to the room, here are several great kitchen design ideas inspired by interior decorators.

Personal Touches

Place a table lamp on the island in your kitchen to make the space feel just a little more romantic and personal. The ambiance from the kitchen lamp versus bright ceiling lights makes the biggest difference in the room when you are looking to create a mood.

Display your baking supplies such as flour and sugar on the counter in clear glass containers. This adds a little bit of personality to your kitchen.

Place large hurricane glasses on the counters and fill them with flowers or other items that help you decorate your kitchen with your own personal taste.


Opt for light cabinets and dark, bold countertops. White looks great with a dark black granite countertop. The look pops and makes the room look sophisticated and elegant. You may also consider quartz countertops if you are looking for a durable and low-maintenance countertop.

Place a shelf over the range for items you use to cook with on a regular basis. Keep them in all glass containers to show off what is inside each one and to create a look that is uniform.

Replace your small handles with long handles, which are easier to grab hold of and look more appealing to the eye.

Opt for extra storage cabinets under your island on the side where your guests sit.

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