3 Reasons to Start Gardening

Gardening: You either love it or you consider yourself incapable of actually doing it. You may love the look of a lovely garden, but lack the confidence to actually create one of your own. The truth is that anyone can create a garden, whether it’s one simple flowering bush or a yard full of beauty that requires constant upkeep and maintenance. Either way, gardening is great for you. Here are three reasons to get to the local nursery today.

Gardening Relieves Stress

It takes preparation and concentration to garden. You have to know what to plant, when to plant it and what it needs to live. Does it need full sunlight or partial sunlight? Does it need watering often or can you plant it and go? There is no right or wrong way to garden, but there is a way to relieve stress through gardening. By getting outside and focusing on the task at hand, you are eliminating your ability to feel stressed. Being in the direct sunlight increases serotonin production in your brain, which eliminates stressful feelings by replacing them with happy feelings.

Gardening Forces You to Take a Much Needed Break

Sometimes life is busy and you don’t have any time to stop and smell the roses. However, having a garden makes you take a few minutes each day or every few days to head outside, get some sun and admire your handiwork while you water your plants. You will get a much needed break and feel that much better when you head back inside after spending several minutes staring at beautiful flowers.

Gardening is Great Exercise

Gardening is one of the best forms of enjoyable exercise. Heading out into the garden works a significant number of muscles; including your arms, back and legs. Furthermore, gardening burns calories. One hour in the garden burns approximately 230 calories per hour. And the best part is that gardening is fun and it makes the world – and your home – a more beautiful place.


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