15 Sun-Loving Ground Cover Plants That Will Transform Your Garden

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Imagine a sun-kissed paradise filled with various ground cover plants, each with unique charm and beauty. From cascading carpets of flowers to glossy green leaves that dance in the breeze, these 15 sun-loving ground covers will convert your garden into a spectacle of color and texture.

Creeping Thyme

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Creeping thyme brings a charming touch to any garden with its aromatic leaves and dainty purple blooms. This low-growing herb forms a dense mat that suppresses weeds, making it ideal for edging pathways or filling gaps between stepping stones.

Creeping Phlox

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Creeping Juniper


For year-round interest and hardy ground cover that easily tolerates hot, sunny conditions, pick the creeping juniper. It also provides excellent erosion control on slopes and banks and is a natural habitat for wildlife.



Periwinkle is prized for its glossy green leaves and charming blue or white flowers. This versatile ground cover thrives in both sun and shade, making it perfect for underplanting trees or filling bare spots in sunny borders.



The glossy, deep green foliage of pachysandra forms a dense mat that suppresses weeds and adds year-round beauty to shady areas. While it prefers partial shade, it can stand full sun with satisfactory moisture, making it a versatile option for various garden settings.



Bugleherb, also known as Ajuga creates a stunning ground cover with its vibrant flowers in sunny locations. The colorful leaves of Bugleherb range from deep burgundy to variegated green and cream, providing visual interest even when not blooming.



Iceplant is aptly named for its icy appearance. It produces dazzling flowers in shades of pink, purple, yellow, and orange, creating a mesmerizing display in full sun.

Black Mondo Grass


With its petite pink or white flowers, black mondo grass adds a touch of drama to sunny borders or containers. This low-maintenance ground cover is also deer-resistant, making it a practical choice for wildlife-rich areas.

Creeping Jenny


Nothing brightens up sunny slopes, hanging baskets, and containers like the cascading golden-yellow greenery of creeping jenny. Moreover, the vigorous growth of this plant quickly forms a dense carpet, providing excellent ground coverage and erosion control.

Lemon Balm

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Lemon balm is delightful to the nose and the eyes. When brushed against, it releases a refreshing citrus scent. This sun-loving herb features bright green leaves and small white flowers, attracting pollinators and repelling mosquitoes.

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With its drought-tolerant nature, sedum is a resilient ground cover that thrives in sunny, dry conditions. Plus, there’s a variety to suit every garden style and climate, like the low-growing sedum or the upright sedum spectabile.



Liriope is prized for its grass-like leafage and spikes of purple or white flowers. This ground cover adds year-round interest to sunny borders, providing a lush backdrop for taller perennials or shrubs.



Offering masses of tiny, fragrant flowers in shades of white, pink, purple, or yellow, alyssum creates a charming carpet of color in full sun. Butterflies and bees love its fine blooms and sweet, honey-like fragrance.

Asiatic Jasmine

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Asiatic jasmine is a luxurious ground cover for sunny spots. Its vigorous growth quickly forms a dense mat, smothering weeds and providing a flourishing backdrop for other garden plants.



The frothy blooms and low-growing habit of soapwort make it a delightful add-on to cottage gardens or wildflower meadows. Historically used for its cleansing properties, soapwort produces clusters of pink or white flowers that brighten up sunny borders or rockeries.


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