10 Winter Items for Your Home that are Worth the Expense


Winter is brutal for many. I’m not going to pretend like I’ve spent any real amount of time in winter what being a lifelong Floridian and all, but we do take some trips to wintery areas when it’s cold (for example, we’re head to NYC in a few weeks and just thinking about how to dress there in the cold is giving me anxiety and causing me to remember the last few times we’ve been there in this kind of weather and almost froze to death). Winter is brutal when it happens here a few days a year. When it’s in the 20s or 30s when we wake up, we think we might actually not be able to function until we hit 70 again. So when you’re somewhere really cold, you have to have some serious cold-weather gear in your home. After some research and some common sense thinking on my part, I’ve come up with a list of splurges that might be completely worth the money to have in your home when winter strikes.

Central Heating

This is a no-brainer, but apparently not everyone has this wonderful luxury. In fact, I’ll admit I didn’t even know this was considered a luxury. I thought it was a standard feature, but apparently there are many parts of the country where this is just not the case. If you’re going to splurge on anything this time of year, make it central heating. You, your family and your home will thank you. Additionally, it’s far safer than space heaters, which are considered fire hazards. If you have a boiler in your property, make sure that it gets regular boiler service to maintain its efficiency.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Not just any throw blanket; mind you. You need a faux fur throw blanket that’s thick, roomy and perfect. And for one of these you will pay a bit more than you might consider worthwhile on a throw. It is, however, completely worth it. A faux fur throw is going to make sure you’re comfortable and cozy all winter, and we love the ones you can find at Pottery Barn. They’re perfect, stylish and lovely.

A Garage

Not everyone has a garage, and if you’re going to buy anything for your house this winter, add on a garage. It’s a great way to keep your winter things stored close by so that you don’t have to go traipsing through the cold yard to a storage shed or barn or whatever it is you have. A garage is going to keep your car from icing over, and it’s going to make your life so much more convenient when the weather is miserable, cold, sleeting, raining or snowing.

Steam Mop

If you live where it snows a lot, sleets or rains a lot in the winter, you’re going to want a steam mop to keep your entryway as clean as possible. This is even truer if you have a dog that goes out every single day no matter the weather. A steam mop is going to ensure your floors are deep cleaned and bacteria that could cause your family to become ill are removed from your floors. Your family will feel safer and cleaner with one of these.

Nest Heating and Cooling System

This might be a bit of a luxury in comparison to the rest of the list, but this is something you just have to have. This is a temperature controlling unit that allows you to control the temperature so personally it’s virtually hands-free. It uses your habits to tell how you want the house to feel at certain times of the day. For example, in my house, I like it very cold in the summer and very hot in the winter. My husband likes it very average all the time. The Nest knows that during the weekdays, it should be either very hot or cold depending on what it turned on, but it knows that on weekends and in the evenings when my husband comes home, it has to be a little bit more neutral to keep everyone happy. And we don’t have to adjust it, it does that for us.

Snow Blower

This should go without saying, really. I don’t need one, have never needed one and have actually never even seen one in real life, but I can’t imagine why you would not purchase something like this if you live in the snow. It seems like the most efficient way to clear drives and walkways so that you can get your day started.

Hot and Cool Fan Heater

This is perfect for those who have drafty homes. Sometimes it’s nice in the main area of the house and very drafty in bedrooms or upstairs or downstairs, or whatever. You know what I mean if you live in a drafty house. Your draft is different than mine. For example, upstairs in our home is always warmer than the rest of the house, and the first floor is always freezing thanks to all the doors and windows (drafty). One of these fans makes it possible to keep other rooms as close to comfortable as possible so no one is dying of heat or cold.

High-End Crock Pot

A cheap old Target crock pot is not going to cut it. Who has time to cook this time of year? No one, so we need to get a good, expensive crock pot that doubles as a steamer and a cooker and has real thermometers on it. This is expensive, but worth it if you need to cook more complex crock pot meals that will make your dinners complete.

A Car with Push-to-Start and Heated Seats

It’s not technically part of your house, but it’s an expensive investment. If you don’t have a car with heated seats and you live somewhere cold, get one. If you don’t have push to start, get a car with it. This is the only way I can ensure I don’t have to make unnecessary trips into the cold garage in the mornings to start the car so my kids will be warm. Just push a button from inside and everything warms itself up. And when it’s hot and miserable all summer, push to start the car from in the house and it’s nice and cool by the time we get in.

Heated Tiles

If you have tile floors anywhere in your house, these are the kind to have in the winter. They will keep your feet from feeling like they’re going to freeze off the second you step into the bathroom or kitchen, and they’re so comfortable when you get out of the shower. Go for it; splurge. You’ll be glad you did.

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