10 Items to Rid Your Closet of in 2015


Hey guess what? It’s 2015 now, and that means it’s time for us all to start our spring cleaning. Yes, it’s early. But that just means we get to have a head start on cleaning out our houses and our wardrobes and our lives before spring rolls around and we all want to spend time outside again. This means it’s time for us to really think about what it is we want to accomplish this year, and my bet is that a lot of us want to be more put together, more  organized and less cluttered. And I have a way we can do all that in one simple step; by cleaning out our closets. No, it does not sound like a ton of fun, but it is necessary and it is worth it. So before we get started on that, let’s figure out what it is we need to get rid of. It will make the process a lot simpler and a lot faster if you know ahead of time that there are 10 things that have to go right now, no matter what. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Clothes That are Too Big

It should go without saying that anything that does not fit you because it’s too big should be removed immediately from your closet. If these clothes are not an invitation gain weight, I don’t know what is. You need to rid your life of clothes that are too big, even if they’re just a little too big. If they’re something super special, get them tailored so they fit correctly. Nothing looks good when it does not fit.

Clothes That are Too Small

Unless you just had a baby and you’re going to be back in your pre-pregnancy clothes in a few weeks, toss everything that’s too small. Sure, you have goals to lose weight. Lose that weight; go to the gym and exercise and eat well, and then go shopping for an entirely new wardrobe. You don’t need all those small clothes anyway, so just go ahead and get rid of them. They don’t fit; you can’t wear them. It’s time for them to go.

Shoes That are Destroyed

The front is peeling, the heels are destroyed, the color is missing in spots; we hate giving up shoes, we really, really do. But sometimes we have to. Sometimes shoes have been worn so long and with so much love and respect that they are past the point of utter destruction and just look bad on our feet. It’s time to say goodbye to those shoes and move on to new shoes that are much classier looking than these beat up old things.

Sweaters that Ended Up in the Dryer

Nothing that ends up in the dryer is welcome in the sweater world. It’s either been shrunk to the point that it looks ridiculous, or it’s so gross now from the nubby fabric that’s gone bad that you can’t wear it ever again. It doesn’t matter which one, just get rid of it. You’re not wearing it again in the future.

Faded Light Denim

Jeans, shorts and skirts; they have to go. Nothing (except white-wash denim) is as unflattering and unattractive as faded light denim. It’s very 1990s, very juvenile and so far from chic that it doesn’t even make it onto the list of things that could be considered chic if properly dressed and handled. Just get rid of it; it’s awful.

Clothes from High School

Unless you graduated in the past year, these clothes need to go. You are not a teenager anymore, and it’s time to get rid of these things. If you are over 30, you especially want to get rid of these things. You’re never wearing them again even if they do come back in style one day. Your prom dresses, for example, will not be in your rotating wardrobe ever again, my friend.

Faded Black

Nothing is as ugly as a faded black. Now don’t get me wrong, we love black. But we do not love black that’s been faded. Unfortunately, it happens. When black begins to look faded, it’s no longer useful to anyone. It’s not crisp and fresh. It’s not pretty, and it’s not something you can really even enjoy. So get rid of it. It looks a bit trashy.

White-Wash Jeans

Why these are even in your closet is beyond me. They should have been left in the 80s never to return again, but apparently someone somewhere decided that they’re not so bad and should make a comeback. They should not make a comeback. They should stay back where they were and live there forever.

Anything That Shows More than One Body Part

What we mean is this; you can show off one body part at a time and look sexy and elegant at the same time. For example, you can show off your gorgeous, long legs with a short hemline so long as the sleeves and neckline are appropriate and nothing is skintight. You can show off your cleavage if the hem is long. And you can show off your back if everything else is pretty much covered up. It’s the only way you’re going to look like a sexy lady instead of a woman who works on the corner. So, if it shows more than one body part at one time, get rid of it. You’re too old to look like a teen going clubbing.

Anything You Haven’t Worn in a Year

It’s a simple rule. If you have not worn it in a year, get it out of your closet. The only time this rule does not apply is if you just had a baby and haven’t been able to wear it because you had that whole maternity clothes thing to worry about while you were carrying your little bundle of joy in your stomach. If you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably aren’t wearing it anytime soon, so go ahead and clear out some space for something new.

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