10 Affordable Ideas to To Give Your Desk the Makeover it Needs


Your desk is the place you spend a great deal of time, so it only makes sense that your desk should be a place you feel comfortable. It should be stylish and attractive, and it should be something that you enjoy seeing when you walk into the room. It should not be a place that does not inspire you or make you feel productive. We love a good, beautiful desk space. We love that it has a way of inspiring you to do better work, to make your life a little bit more productive and to make you feel good about where you are sitting. We also understand that it’s sometimes a bit difficult to find affordable ways to spruce up your desk so that it’s more appealing to you. Fortunately for you, we have a long list of affordable and very, very simple ways you can transform the look of your desk so that it’s chicer and more appealing. Utilize just one of our ideas or all of them; it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to get a new desk or even go through a complete makeover to create a desk space that’s beautiful. All you have to do is use a little bit of imagination, take a few pieces off and add a few better pieces and you have a desk that looks chic and sophisticated. We love the concept, and it’s something you can easily do. Our advice is pretty stellar. Just remember to make this space your own so that you feel productive.

Clean it Off

The first thing you can do to transform the look of your desk is to clean it off. Get rid of the clutter. You do not need 67 pens and pencils, 3 staplers and all that paper sitting messily all over it. In fact, you don’t need all that space. A smaller desk (we love a white one) is all you need. It should have enough space for the essentials and that is all. Keep the desk clean or no amount of pretty décor is going to help it look and feel good or productive.

Light it Up

You need some beautiful candles on your desk. We love candles from Kate Spade; they’re fun and colorful and they smell amazing. However, you can buy any type of candles you want. Just remember to go for ones that are bright and cheerful and come in a pretty container. When the container is pretty, it will make a difference on your desk.

Get a Pretty Journal

Ideas, notes and concepts that have to be jotted down at a moment’s notice are often done so on scrap paper that leaves you feeling disorganized and your desk cluttered. Stop this madness. There are so many pretty pieces of stationery in the world that can help you with this problem. Order one. A beautiful journal with a hard cover is the perfect place to jot down ideas and concepts – and to make your desk look pretty.

Exchange Your Coffee Mug

You might heart San Francisco, but your desk will look so much prettier with a pretty coffee mug. Head to Anthropologie for one of their gorgeous white mugs with gold initials and dots, order one online, or head to Etsy to find a custom mug that will make you feel good about your desk. My husband recently surprised me with the Tiffany & Co. mug for mine since the colors match my office. It really does add to the décor.

Fresh Flowers

If you don’t have fresh flowers on your desk, it’s time to go get some. This is all you need to make your space feel like a completely different place. The smell, the look and the feeling that you get when you look at fresh flowers is indescribable, so it’s always amazing to us when there is none on a person’s desk. You don’t have to wait for someone to send them to you, you know.

Get Pretty Containers

Whether you need a pretty vase for those fresh flowers or something to hold your pen, you should make it pretty. A pink mason jar, a glittery container or something else that’s a bit girly and fun will make your entire space feel less stuffy and more fun. We also love gold and silver right now, so consider something in that area.

Frame a Motivational Quote

If you have a beautiful frame, print out a motivational quote and stick it in there. We love the quotes you can download in pretty gold writing from sites like Instagram and Esty for just a few dollars, print them at home and frame them. They’ll change the look of your desk and make you feel good about your space.

Exchange Boring Frames for Pretty Ones

If you have solid black frames or brown wooden ones, get rid of them. You need something pretty, light and fun. We love colorful and mismatched frames with accents, but even plain white is better than dark, boring black and brown.

Get a Tray

A tray could be the best thing that ever happened to your desk. It’s a place you can put all your ‘things’ to help the space look more organized and less cluttered. This concept is such a good one we just can’t pass up the opportunity to get trays for spaces other than our desks. One that has slightly raised sides and a fun color or saying is going to go all the more with your fun and fabulous office than a plain one, so keep that in mind.

A Laptop Cover Helps

Laptops are kind of boring, but they’re what we work on the most. So go ahead and get a cover that’s fun and fabulous so that you can keep your office equipment in tune with your lovely desk. It’s a great way for you to get out of your own head and make the thing you look at most in your day a little bit prettier.

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