Your Office Might Be Making You Sick

You may think that the seasons are to blame for your illness. When winter comes along people start thinking they’re getting the flu simply because it’s that time of year and spring brings on allergies. While this is completely true, there are other things to blame for your sniffles and your not so good feelings. Your office might be making you sick, and no, it’s not the woman in the office next to you who makes it a habit to cough on her hands and then touch others. Read on to find out what’s making you sick at work.

Surprisingly, the places you might think are the grossest really aren’t. I’m willing to bet that most people are like me and assume that the bathroom is the nastiest, more germ-infested room in the building, but it is not. Get ready for this; you will contract more germs by licking the microwave handle than the toilet in the office building. Not that I assume anyone is licking any toilets…or microwave handles.

The sink faucet in the breakroom/kitchen/bathroom is the dirtiest place in the entire office. Since you can’t skip out on washing your hands, use a towel to turn the faucet on and off to prevent the transfer of those nasty germs.

Microwave door handles are the second most disgusting surface in any office building. Make it a habit to touch those with a towel or to rub them down with disinfectant wipes before you make your lunch every day. Nothing goes better with your chicken soup than a side of the flu, strep throat, and the common cold.

Furthermore, the buttons on the vending machine are gross. Just don’t touch them. I would suggest using a towel to touch them, but there’s nothing good in a vending machine in the first place, so juts avoid them all together.


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