Your Headaches Might be Caused by Lifestyle Choices

Anyone who suffers from more than one or two headaches per month might feel that it’s too much. Of course, anyone who suffers from one headache – ever – might feel that it’s too much. If you suffer from headaches that are more frequent than not, you might think you have a chronic condition or a serious medical issue that you need to find. However, you might just suffer from the things you do each and every day, which can have an effect on your head health.

Talking on the Phone

I knew there was a reason I’d never buy a car without integrated Bluetooth – and why I hate talking on the phone like the plague. The more you place your phone between your ear and shoulder, the more likely you are to suffer from tension headaches. How many times a day do you stick that phone between your shoulder and ear while folding laundry, washing dishes, changing a diaper, working on your computer or checking the health information on your food at the market? Stop it.


What an issue; you’re a borderline zombie without it but if you drink too much you’re going to suffer a raging headache. Studies show that people who consistently have two or more cups of coffee per day are more likely to suffer from a headache if you have less than two cups another day. Say you have an early flight and you grab a cup to go on the way to the airport and the adrenaline of travel talks you out of that second cup – you might get a headache.

Sleeping In

Get your therapist on the phone or find a new one stat; this is depressing. Sleeping in an hour or two past your usual wakeup time on the weekends can throw your body out of whack, which can cause headaches. So….we get to choose between yawning and feeling the constant need to curl up for a nap on Sunday afternoons or a headache? That’s no fun.


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