Worrying About the Future is Actually Pretty Pointless

While a plan of action in your life is always a good thing to have; worry is not a good thing to have. Too many of us worry incessantly about our futures and what the future will bring. Guess what? This is completely unnecessary in the grand scheme of life. The time we waste worrying about the future is just that; wasted. We cannot predict the future or know what the future holds, which is why these three reasons are very good reasons we shouldn’t worry about the future.

You Will Change

You might spend all your time worrying about and planning for the future, but you’ll change and so will your dreams, goals and aspirations. The more time you worry about what will happen in the future, the less time you will have to enjoy the present. Trust that things will work out as they should and as they’re predetermined to work out and don’t worry too much.

Planning Only Gets You So Far

Yes, financial planning and health planning are things you need to worry about. However, there’s not much else you should really worry about regarding the future. As long as you can provide for your family and you’re in good health, what happens from that point on is nothing to worry about now. Life changes every day. Taking care of yourself is the only guarantee you have in life.

Surprises are Fun

They might not always seem like fun, but many of the surprises life has to throw your way will turn out for the best. Even things that seem upsetting and scary have a way of turning your life around for the better. When you plan for perfection, you’re doomed to disappointment. When you plan for acceptance of your life; you’ll be much happier overall.


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