Working Out Without Feeling Like You’re Working Out

Working out is great for your health and you know it. In fact, we all know it. What makes this statement sad is the fact that despite our knowledge of the benefits of working out many of us choose not to engage in this important activity. We can live longer, look better and feel healthier by working out and yet we don’t. If you’re not big on the gym of exercise classes, try one of these three sneaky ways to exercise without even realizing you’re working out.

Group Activities

You can get a good deal of exercise by working out with your friends. This doesn’t mean hitting the gym every single day for a boring workout, it means signing up for salsa lessons, joining a baseball team or signing up for fun runs such as color runs and mud runs. You can get a group involved, which makes it more exciting and more fun; it never even feels like exercise.


When you decide to walk instead of drive, you will get plenty of exercise. If you can’t walk to work or dinner, try walking around your neighborhood or taking a drive downtown and doing some window shopping or sightseeing while you walk the cobblestone streets. You can also opt to walk up the stairs to your office instead of taking the elevator. Anytime you can walk instead of drive, it’s a great option for exercise.

Bring Out Your Inner Child

Go swimming, take a jump on the trampoline or just head outside with the ball and kick it around the yard with your kids or friends. These sneaky ways to exercise will help you get fit and look great without actually having to make yourself feel like you’re working out. Sometimes the most fun activities you engage in are the ones that make you healthiest.


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