Why Eating Garlic Could Save Your Life

Your breath, your significant other and anyone else you spend any significant amount of time speaking to in close quarters may not appreciate the health benefits of your garlic eating habit, but who really needs friends? Okay, everyone needs friends so that’s probably not the most compelling argument for eating garlic. Just carry some gum or breath mints with you at all times, because the health benefits of eating garlic regularly are too good to pass up.

It’s a Natural Antibiotic

Skip the long wait in the germ filled waiting room at your doctor’s office by adding some more garlic to your diet. It’s a natural antibiotic that has 15 times the amount of allicin, a natural bacteria fighting antibiotic, as one unit of penicillin. There you go; it might make your breath a little less than desirable, but you’ll feel too good to care.

It’s Good for Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels

Garlic isn’t just a great addition to any meal – or birth control method when eaten excessively – it’s good for you. Eating garlic can significantly lower your cholesterol levels (who doesn’t love living longer and healthier?) as well as regulate your blood pressure. Perhaps adding some garlic to holiday dinners with your extended family (whom you only see once a year for a reason) can help control your blood pressure when great auntie Eleanor asks you for the 700th time why you aren’t married or reproducing yet.

Garlic is Heart Healthy

Forget the apple; a clove a day of garlic is what keeps the doctor away. At least if your doctor is worried about your hearth health. Since heart disease is one of the leading causes of women’s death – approximately 1 in every 4 women in the United States will die from heart disease – eating garlic is a good idea. One clove every day is enough to keep your heart healthy and your lifespan longer.


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