When Mom Has Surgery: Advice To Keep The Family On Track

Surgery is never fun for anyone but that is especially so for a mom.  Moms know that when they are down, the family will likely get off track quickly.  Everyone is used to Mom keeping the wheels turning and everything done.  When she cannot do that, things get off kilter quickly.  So what can you do to keep the family on track when you are facing surgery?

Prepare ahead of time.  Unless you are lucky enough to be married to a modern man who loves to do his share of cooking and cleaning and then some, you need to think ahead about what needs to be done for the time you are going to be down.  As much as you can, do a thorough cleaning before you have surgery and make sure that all of the laundry is done up.  That way, you can at least know that it will last for a while while you are recovering.

Plan meals for your family.  You can make them ahead and freeze them for your family to reheat for dinner or take other options such as buying convenience meals that your husband can prepare quickly.  They are not the healthiest fare but they will get your family through a few days while you are getting back on your feet.  There is also the option of take-out.  It isn’t great for every night but a few slices of pizza is not the worst thing for your children.  They will probably enjoy every bite of it.

As much as you can, give your family instructions before your surgery.  You are not going to feel like telling them everything they need to know when you are in pain or on pain medication.  The more that you can prepare them for your surgery, the easier a time this will be for everyone.

Image Credit: Oprah


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