What’s Really Making You Sick Might Surprise You


It’s the sound that can stop you in your tracks, cause you more than a moment’s panic and make you a little crazy; it’s a sniffle that you just know is turning into some type of sick you just can’t handle at the moment. Whether it’s your child walking by innocently sniffling or your husband blaming it on allergies, you don’t have time to be sick or deal with anyone else in your home becoming sick. Unfortunately, it happens. And even more unfortunately, it happens when you’re making these mistakes that cause you to become sick without your knowledge.

Skipping Your First Meal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that’s not just something we like to say to make you eat it. Eating breakfast can help improve your digestion and your digestive tract, giving you the ability to feel better more often. Without eating breakfast, you’re giving sickness causing bacteria more time to roam freely in your body, causing you to become ill.


We all overreact. It’s a fact of life. We all have a moment in which we panic and overreact and it’s usually because of something completely ridiculous. We see that later, but what we don’t see is the fact that it’s causing us to become ill. When you overreact, causing your stress levels to rise dramatically, you cause an increase in cortisol in your body. What this does is increase your blood sugar and decrease the way your immune system works to fight off illness.

Touching Stuff

Computer keyboards, laptops, cell phones, handrails, door knobs; everything you touch is pretty questionable. You might wash your hands religiously when you’re in the kitchen or after using the restroom, but do you wash them before you touch your phone? Probably not. What does this mean? It means that touching stuff like this means you’re touching plenty of germs that can cause you to become ill at a moment’s notice.

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