What Your Appearance Really Says About You

Your reflection says far more about you than you think. Sure, when you see a woman in a pair of too tight, too short shorts with six inch heels and a tube top, you think you know what her look says about her (you might be right). While your look does give people an immediate impression of your personality and what kind of person you are, it says far more than meets the eye. Your looks convey a great deal about your health. Are you attractive and youthful? Then you’re probably pretty healthy. However, if you start to lose your hair, get wrinkles, and lose your youthful attractive appearance you might be less than healthy. Your body will tell you when you’re not as healthy as you can be, but you have to be very vigilant, because it tells you by whispering.

Swollen Feet

Unless you’re pregnant and your feet just match the rest of your body, you might have something worse to consider. Heart failure is a disease that can cause your feet to swell because of the poor circulation of blood.

Tired Eyes

Unless you’re sleep deprived and you know it, having tired eyes is normal. However, if you get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water and still have tired eyes, you may be eating too much salt. Salt puffs up the under eye area, causing it to look puffy and tired.

Hair Loss

Pregnancy, stress, hormones, and certain medications can all lead to hair loss. However, an over – or underactive thyroid can also cause you to lose large amounts of your hair. Ask your doctor for a blood test is you suspect this is a problem you are dealing with.


If you appear flushed all the time, and it’s not due to being outside in the extreme cold or heat, and it’s not from embarrassment, it might be rosacea, which is caused by enlarged blood vessels.


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