Are You Wearing Your Contact Lenses Correctly?

Contact lenses are a wonderful medical invention.  I have worn them successfully for over twenty years with very few problems. However, there are some lessons I learned along the way that you need to follow to have the healthiest eyes when you wear contact lenses.

Wash your hands before handling your contacts.  Touching your eyes before you wash your hands is a recipe for an infection.  This is probably the most important thing that you should do when it comes to wearing your contact lenses.

Don’t reuse solution.  I think we have all been tempted to do this at times but contact solution is not that expensive and your eye health is certainly worth the price.

Wear them as recommended.  There are many contact lenses that are made to sleep in but many are not.  There are also occasions when your doctor prescribes contact lenses that are made to sleep in but they advise you not to.  Personally, my eyes feel best when I take the time to take my contacts out nightly.  If I don’t, I am guaranteed to deal with dry, irritable eyes all day the following day.

Go to the eye doctor regularly.  This is an important tip for all of use to follow but especially those that wear contact lenses.  Problems can crop up that you can’t see in your eyes but your doctor would pick up quickly.  Make sure that you see your doctor as often as they request you do so.

Don’t overextend wearing your contact lenses.  Wearing contact lenses for longer than you should will make your eyes feel irritated and lead to problems such as headaches or infections.

It is important to care for your contact lenses and your eyes so that they will stay healthy.  You will avoid many problems by doing so.



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