Watch for These Five Lupus Symptoms in Women


Lupus is a health condition women must be on the lookout for. It affects far more women than it does men. In fact, 9 of 10 people diagnosed with Lupus are women. This autoimmune disease occurs in many people, attacking their tissue and causing health problems such as inflammation, swelling and joint pain and damage. There are many symptoms women should look for.

Joint Pain

One of the most common symptoms of Lupus is joint pain. Women may begin to notice this gradually at first. However, as time goes on the pain becomes more severe and more frequent. It could be indicative of many things, but Lupus is not something that should be ruled out without a doctor’s opinion.


Fatigue happens from time to time without relation to any health problems. However, it can be something very serious. When fatigue becomes profound and difficult to deal with, it can indicate Lupus. Other common causes of profound fatigue include pregnancy and other illnesses, but unless you’re pregnant and tired, you should consult with your doctor.

Sensitivity to the Sun

If you suddenly become sensitive to the sun, whether it’s your vision, your skin or your reaction to being in the sun for more than a few minutes at a time, you should talk to the doctor. Many times Lupus causes this sensitivity and it will only continue to grow worse, causing additional health problems.

Poor Circulation

Women who are suffering from Lupus may begin to notice that the circulation in her fingers and toes is very poor. It might happen gradually on occasion and get worse over time. It might also happen one time and never seem to go away following the first episode.

Sudden Hair Loss

Again, there are many reasons a woman might begin to lose her hair, but if you suddenly experience hair loss and/or bald patches in your hair, it could indicate Lupus. This will happen very suddenly; not over time as is common of general hair loss due to genetics and/or age. Sudden hair loss is actually one of the most common and major symptoms of Lupus.

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