Two Minute Mood Boosters

Feeling down is perfectly normal. Feeling overly depressed and unhappy is not. However, the fact is that a great deal of young women experience feelings of depression that range anywhere from mild to severe, and stress can help aggravate your feelings of depression. If your depression is serious, you need to seek medical attention. However, if your depression is really just stress and anxiety causing you to have feelings of depression that go away after a while, here are a few little tips that can help to boost your mood in a matter of minutes; getting rid of your stress, anxiety, and depression.  Here are three quick mood boosters.

Check Out Old Photos

Flipping through your old photos is a great way of boosting your mood. Check out your wedding album, your kids’ baby books, or even your childhood pictures. You will instantly be reminded of a happier, less stressful time in your life, which will improve your mood in an instant.


We know it’s not easy to smile when you’re feeling anything but chipper, but the fact of the matter is that smiling even when you don’t mean it is a great way to boost your mood. After a few minutes, your mind and body will start to believe that you mean your smile and you will feel instantly better.


Your mood is instantly improved and your stress level instantly decreased when you get rid of clutter in your space. Clean out your car, get rid of all the stuff in your junk drawer, or clean out your closet. Getting rid of things you no longer need or are no longer useful is a great way to ensure that your mood is lifted. De-cluttering your belongings gives you a sense of control over your life that you may feel you are missing, which instantly makes you feel better.


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