Toxic Food Additive Carrageenan Found in Many Health Foods


Health food junkies are aware notorious for reading food labels. Nothing that’s not all natural, healthy and good for them will make its way into their bodies via hidden ingredient. The health-food obsessed know which ingredients are bad for them, what to avoid and what to look for; or do they? New research shows that one of the most common ingredients in health food is actually a potential human carcinogen.

Where is Carrageenan Found?

Carrageenan is extracted from red seaweed, and it’s always been considered a healthy additive in foods such as almond milk, coconut milk, yogurt and ice cream. However, according to Dr. Joanne K. Tobacman, M.D., it inflames and carries toxins into your digestive tract.

This toxic chemical is often used in foods as a thickening agent. You’ll find it in your fridge in items such as dairy products and red meat. What was long considered a safe additive is now something you should look out for. Reading food labels to see if what you’re consuming contains this dangerous toxin is imperative.

Carrageenan Restrictions

It seems research in the US is only now beginning to catch up to research in other countries. Take Europe, for example; the country’s health agencies prohibit manufacturers from using carrageenan in any baby products, including formula. In the US, however, carrageenan is a main component in organic baby formulas, organic food, juices and even chocolate milk we all give to our children.

US research is ongoing despite the recent findings. It could be a while yet before the FDA reviews these findings and decides whether or not to prohibit the use of this dangerous additive in health foods. Until that day, take precautions when consuming food products containing carrageenan, especially as it pertains to small children and infants and their source of nutrition.

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