Weight Loss: Looking at it From a New Perspective

As bikini season approaches (or has already arrived here in the south) many women are on the fast track to weight loss and a better body. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all have something about ourselves we might want to change entirely, tweak a bit or just improve. However, experts believe that women are going about weight loss and getting their bodies bikini-ready the wrong way. Instead of focusing on what’s important, we are focusing on what we don’t see and on the negatives. Here are three tips to help you achieve your weight loss goals by putting them into perspective.


Cookies, cake, lattes, a big glass of wine; they’re all full of calories and they’re probably not on your list of things to eat while dieting. Here’s the deal, we focus on dieting as restricting ourselves from the good and punishing our bodies for enjoying unhealthy foods entirely too much, but that’s not how we should look at it. Food is not a reward or a prize for a job well done; it’s gasoline. It’s fuel for our energy and our bodies and that’s all it is. When you think of food as something you need to sustain you, it seems a little easier to put the right things into your mouth and stop thinking about food as some sort of wonderful thing you reward yourself with. It isn’t.


Exercise can decrease your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure and a myriad of other unhealthy diseases and the additional health issues associated with those diseases. Exercise is not something you should do to be “skinny”. Exercise is something you should do to improve your quality of life, your mood, decrease your stress and anxiety levels and potentially live a longer, healthier and happier life. It’s not something you do when you need it – it’s a lifestyle.


Instead of looking in the mirror and thinking that your stomach is too flabby or your arms too jiggly, look in the mirror and erase those thoughts. Focus on the good. Our negative opinions of our bodies do nothing to help us. The unhealthy thoughts you have are to be banished.


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