Times You Should Wash Your Hands That You May Not Have Considered

There are the times when we all know that we should wash our hands.  But there are other times throughout your daily life when you should wash your hands to help you stay healthy.  We come in contact with a lot of germs throughout our day that most of us don’t even give any thought to but we really should.

You should wash your hands after handling money.  A lot of us don’t think about this because money is a part of life that we come in contact with several times a day.  But the money you have in your hand has been handled by many other hands.  A more sobering fact than that is that you don’t know what illnesses that those people had that handled the money or where the money has been.  It is a good practice to wash your hands after handling money.

It is a good idea to wash your hands after handling your mail.  Again, mail is something we come into contact with every day and we don’t think much about.  But a single piece of mail has been handled by many different individuals by the time that it reaches your home.  It is a good practice to wash your hands after handling mail.

Anytime you return home from being out in public is a good time to wash your hands.  It doesn’t take long to understand why when you think about how many surfaces that you have touched that others have touched.  Good hand washing practices help to cut down on the spread of illnesses and diseases.

To learn more about the basics of good hand washing techniques, the CDC has a very informative article on the subject.  We can all use a good brush up on this subject with cold and flu season upon us.


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