Three Tips for Better Heart Health

Heart health is one of the most important subjects we don’t spend nearly enough time discussing. Of course, who wants to discuss heart health when there are things like the Real Housewives or American Idol that are just begging to be discussed? So talking about your heart health isn’t overly exciting, but without considering the health of your heart, you might not be around as long as you’d like to discuss Idol. In honor of Heart Health month, let’s discuss three simple ways you can improve yours.

Eat Right

I’m willing to bet that you had no idea that eating more like the Mediterranean’s can help you decrease your risk of a stroke or heart attack by as much as 30 percent (Mostly because I didn’t know this either until discussing it with my doctor recently). By incorporating more olive oil, nuts, beans, veggies, fish and fruit into your diet, you can do just that. And those are delicious additions that can take place of the less-than ideal diet regulars you consume now.

Let Pregnancy Guide You

If ever you’ve been pregnant or you will one day become pregnant, pay attention to your health while pregnant. If you are or were diagnosed with gestational diabetes (who doesn’t feel like they’re going to get diabetes drinking that disgusting sugar filled faux soda stuff?), you have an increased risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease within 10 years of giving birth. You’ll want to discuss regular screenings with your doctor.

Lower Your Stress

It seems the cure all for disease is to live a life of much less stress. Easier said than done, right? Encountering horrible drivers, incompetent people and just most of life’s trials and tribulations on a daily basis is enough to keep your stress level higher. Well, it’s time to let it go. You’re killing yourself and not doing your heart health any favors.

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