Three Things to Do Every Morning

How lucky am I to wake up every morning when Prince Charming kisses me softly on the lips and tells me he loves me? Go ahead and sigh, I know how great it is to wake up to the love of your life waking you up with a kiss. There are worse things in life than this soft, romantic wake up. However, when my prince charming kisses me in the morning it’s because he’s leaving for work and there are two very little people running around like wild animals in our living room ready to make sure mommy doesn’t sit down once for the next eight hours.

Even if your wake up is a little different, say to an alarm clock, with no kids before a day at the office, you probably still feel like me when you wake up: Tired and annoyed that somehow the day started so quickly. Before you let your annoyance set the tone for the rest of your day, there are three things you need to do each morning that will set the tone for a good day.

Flex and Point

Before you get out of bed, flex and point your feet for half a minute. This will help you to bring awareness to your feet that the day is starting, which is a better way to let them know it’s time to get moving than slamming them down on the floor, which is not good. Do the same for your fingers and hands and get the day started off right.

Stand Up Slowly

Place your feet on the floor and ease yourself out of bed. Stand gently on your feet, on the floor for a few seconds until they realize that they are up, and awake. Your body will feel grounded and more awake than it does when you spring out of bed and make a beeline for the shower or coffee.


Stretching your hamstring muscles for a few seconds before you start walking toward your first morning stop will help you to feel more grounded and more awake, which leads you to feel better almost immediately. Your day will start on the right note in less than two minutes if you do all these things before you hit the showers or start downing the caffeine.


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