Three Sneaky Ways to Exercise

It would be great to eat whatever you want and never gain any weight. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case for most people, and if they want to look good, they have to watch their diet and get plenty of exercise. In fact, even those who don’t need to lose weight still need to exercise because it keeps their bodies healthy and in good shape. Don’t be afraid of exercise; it doesn’t have to ruin your life by making you feel obligated to do it if you don’t have time. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate a little exercise into your daily schedule without making much of an effort at all.

Multitask Exercise

Many people have kids, and those people have to wait until their kids are in bed to catch up on their own favorite television shows (cough, the Bachelorette, cough). Instead of parking your bottom on the couch and watching television while mindlessly munching on calorie filled snacks, get up and get moving. Place the treadmill in front of your television, or keep a set of weights next to the couch and workout while you watch your favorite shows. You lose no time, and you get to do two things at once.

Take the Stairs

Skip the elevator if you live on the second or third floor and take the stairs. Take the stairs in the office, use the stairs at your local mall, and make sure you use them any chance you get. If you’re at the airport, skip the elevator and escalator and hit the staircase. It burns more calories, and it really adds up.

Go for a Swim

On a hot summer’s day you might take your kids out to the pool for a little fun. Instead of lying on the pool deck and reading your favorite magazine, get your hair wet and hop on in. Swimming is a great way to exercise, and it keeps you from becoming overheated, which means you can do more exercising in the pool.


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