Three Reasons to Take a Nap Now

If your doctor told you to start taking a regular 30 minute nap, would you disagree? No, of course you wouldn’t disagree; he’s the doctor, after all. Let’s forget the fact that you tend to ignore your doctor’s less fun advice about skipping happy hour and going to bed earlier and waking up earlier and exercising more. Naps are something you can get on board with when the doctor tells you to. The great news is that naps are actually something you should take regularly because the health benefits are impressive. Here are three great reasons you should take a nap more often.

Avoid Stress

When you nap, your body produces less cortisol. This is a chemical that is known as the stress hormone. It causes you to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and out of control. When you’re stressed, it can also cause you to have a higher risk of other issues such as catching a cold or flu or feeling fatigued and restless. Essentially, napping is a great way to make you feel less stressed and more cheerful.

Avoid Obesity

When you’re tired and need a nap, you might trick your body into thinking you simply need a boost in energy in the way of some sugary and unhealthy snack or caffeine. The truth is, your body just needs to rest. When you take regular naps, you’re less likely to overeat and become overweight or even obese because of it. The next time you feel tired, just lie down. You’ll prevent yourself from not fitting into your skinny jeans.

Avoid Loss of Concentration

When you’re tired, it’s impossible to concentrate and do your best at anything. Being tired makes you, well, tired. When you’re tired, it’s hard to put your best foot forward. For this reason, take a nap. A 30 minute nap can help you to regroup and refocus, making your energy levels higher, your motivation levels higher and your success more prominent.

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