Three Health Habits to Start Adopting Now


Everyone has habits whether they are good habits or bad ones. Some of us have bad ones such as biting our nails or rolling our eyes instinctively when someone we don’t like calls or walks by. Others have shamelessly good habits such as always using proper manners and taking excellent care of their health. If you’re not one of the people who have great health habits, it’s time to change that. Your health is important and that’s more important now than ever before. Here are three great health habits to pick up now.


Your dentist knows you’re lying when you tell him you’re flossing regularly. While it might not seem like such a big deal to you, it’s a big deal to your health. Not flossing can have some severely negative impacts on your overall health; not just your teeth. For example, when you don’t floss and your gums become infected, those infections can turn into oral diseases that enter your bloodstream and cause you to become very ill.


Yes, smiling is actually a good habit to have. In fact, the more you smile the happier you are. Not only is smiling good for your skin and your lack of wrinkles, it’s good for your overall health. The more you smile, the less stress you feel. The less stress you feel, the slower you age. The less stress you feel, the healthier your immune system functions. See what I’m getting at? Just smile. Even if you don’t mean it, you will eventually.

Consuming Water

Notice how nearly every health advice column and article in the world has this advice in it? That in and of itself should tell you what an important piece of advice it is. Drink more water. Drink it because it’s good for your skin and your health. It helps prevent you from overeating and it’s good for your body.

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