Things You’re Doing Each Day that Hurt Your Health

Most of us eat fairly healthy diets and exercise at least a little each day, and we feel we’re doing our bodies a favor. However, what we don’t realize is that there are things we do each day, habits that are deeply ingrained into our lives that are doing nothing favorable for our health. These unfortunate habits are actually counteracting all the good we do for our health on a daily basis; it’s time to stop doing them.

Crossing Your Legs

Believe it or not, this very ladylike habit is actually increasing our blood pressure. When you cross your legs at the knee, your blood pressure bumps up by approximately 7 percent. Additionally, it stresses hip joints and causes blood to pool thanks to compressed veins. Overall, it’s not good for your health. If you must cross, do it at the ankle.

Sleeping On Your Stomach

Sorry to all of us who just had babies and finally get sleep on our stomachs again; we really need to stop. When you sleep on your stomach it causes your head and neck to tilt backward, which leads to pain and even numbness. Much of your upper back and neck pain – and even some of your headaches – can be attributed to this sleeping position. Back to your sides, ladies.

Holding Off on the Bathroom

Yes, we are busy. No, you don’t want to go into a public restroom with a double stroller with newborn twins, your three-year-old and your five-year-old in tow. That phone call lasted entirely too long and now you’re late. Too bad; stop what you’re doing and get your behind to the restroom when nature calls. Holding it and not going to the bathroom when you need to can cause frequent urinary tract infections that are going to have a negative effect on your urinary health later down the road.

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