The Truth About Three Summer Health Myths

Summer: It’s the time of year parents realize just how little teachers are paid and just how much they are worth. It’s also the time of year when you spend far more time outdoors than indoors. Summertime means firefly catching in the evenings, burger grilling, swimming, days at the beach, and time playing sports in the great outdoors with the little ones. What is also means is that it’s time for you to start dishing out false information regarding summer health issues. Yes, I said it: False information. Many of the summertime health risks you think you know are false. Here are a few pieces of summertime advice you should stop dishing out.  They are simply summer health myths.

Wait at Least 30 Minutes Between Eating and Swimming

Despite what your mom and dad told you growing up, you will not drown if you eat and swim without waiting 30 minutes between. You will not develop a cramp that will have you sinking to the bottom of the ocean with no hope of survival; if you do, I’m going to suggest you see your doctor, because your lunch is not to blame.

Urinate on a Jellyfish Sting to Relieve the Pain

Urine is certainly convenient when you’re on the beach; it’s right there, I mean, someone on the beach has some you can borrow. However, peeing on your jellyfish sting is not going to make it stop hurting, which is great to know because I’d never let anyone do it in the first place. What does work is vinegar.

Flip Flops Are Great Shoes

They may keep your feet cool and they are most certainly the easiest shoes to take on and off when you’re on the beach, but the truth is; these things are awful for your foot health. They do not have adequate arch support and are linked to issues such as tendonitis and heel pain. Don’t live in them this summer.


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