The Truth About Sunscreen Protection

You know you need to wear sunscreen every single day to keep your skin healthy. However, many women forgo the application of this life-saving, skin-saving lotion because of the misconception that they are only driving to work, or only playing outside with the kids for a few minutes. The truth is that you need to apply sunscreen every single day, even if the closest you get to the sun is through your car windows, where you can still burn and attract damaging UV rays. This summer, you can have the healthiest, safest skin on the block if you simply follow these sunscreen rules.

Forget the Vitamin-A

It sounds so healthy, right? Unfortunately, applying sunscreen with Vitamin-A as an ingredient is a fast way to speed up the process of skin cancer. Research shows that when hit with sunlight, this vitamin makes your skin more susceptible to skin lesions and forms of skin cancer. The moral of this story is to read the ingredients before you apply your sunscreen.

Go Biodegradable

Here’s another warning related to the ingredients in your sunscreen. When you swim in the ocean, your sunscreen comes off and harms marine life. It gets stuck in coral reefs and kills plenty of marine life. Now’s the time to find biodegradable sunscreen and wear it; you can wear your regular stuff when you’re in the pool or taking a hike or bike ride.

Check for Titanium Dioxide and Zinc

Sunscreen is big about protecting against damaging UVB rays, but many sunscreens are ineffective at protecting you against damaging UVA rays. Find sunscreen with these two ingredients to prevent these damaging rays from causing wrinkles and skin cancer.

Check the Expiration Date

Yes, sunscreen expires. This means that you are potentially protecting yourself and your family with something that is no longer effective. Check the label to make sure your sunscreen is still good.


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