The Keys to Aging Gracefully

This year has been one to celebrate, as many of my friends are turning, or have turned 30, in recent months. I myself will say goodbye to my 20s and begin what I fully expect will be the greatest years of my life (and let me tell you that my 20s have been exceptionally great, so my 30s have some big shoes to fill) next year. As I think about what it means to age, I am reminded by my older friends and family members that aging has taken on a completely different meaning; it no longer means mom jeans and a bob. Aging is now done gracefully and elegantly, and I can honestly say that I look forward to this new phase of my life if I can enter into it with grace and elegance. Here are a few ways all women can start the aging process with grace.

Ease Up on the Color

If you color your hair to hide the gray, you can tone it down a notch. Women with less than 50 percent gray hair should stop coloring and start highlighting only. The highlights add dimension and light to your face, which makes you look younger, softer, and more feminine.

Forget the Cut

Just because you’re of a certain age doesn’t mean you need to chop off all your long, lustrous hair. In fact, ponytails are an aging woman’s best friend. Keep your youth, and your gorgeous strands and say no thanks to the 50s bob and old lady ‘do.

Go Red

As you grow older, you lose collagen in your lips, which makes them appear smaller and less full. Forget the injections and put on a bright, bold red lipstick to distract people from noticing that your lips are smaller. They’ll only notice that they are gorgeous.


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