The Common Cold: 3 Ways to Get Better Faster

On one hand, you feel good knowing that the common cold isnot as bad as the flu. On the other hand, however, you cannot believe that your body is so tired, your head is so fuzzy and your cough is leaving you miserable. The common cold is a vicious visitor and there isn’t even a cure for it. Aside from popping over-the-counter medications and wishing yourself well, there are ways you can handle the irritating, debilitating and annoying common cold.

Drink Plenty of Liquids

Your mom probably told you to drink plenty of fluids growing up, and she is not wrong. Water by itself or water with lemon juice in it will both help you replace the fluids your body loses rapidly the common cold. Becoming dehydrated can cause your symptoms to increase and you’ll just end up feeling much worse. Instead, try drinking plenty of liquids to feel better.


Don’t go to work. Even if you don’t think you’re contagious, going to work or running errands or doing the number of things you need to get checked off of your to-do list will only make you feel worse. You need to lie down, take a nap if possible, and get some rest. You’ll feel a lot better a lot sooner if you only take the time to let your body fight off this cold.

Use Nasal Drops

One of the most irritating parts of having a cold is having the stuffy, congested nose that goes along with it. Instead of blowing your nose continuously in hopes that you will feel better, try using nasal drops to help clear the congestion. You will feel a lot better, even if you still have to suffer through all of your other symptoms. It’s a minor fix, but it does feel good.


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