Ten Perceived Unhealthy Foods that are Actually Healthy


There are so many confusing labels on food products. Fat-free is free of fat but sometimes high in sugar and other unhealthy additives. Low calorie foods are often high in fat. Foods that taste good aren’t good for you. Foods that taste bad are good for you. The many misconceptions surrounding food are continuous, but there is something you should know. Not all food that you think is unhealthy or bad for you actually is all that bad for you. Read on to find out which 10 foods are most commonly misconstrued as terribly unhealthy, but actually aren’t so unhealthy.

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Canned Veggies

Okay, so they’re not really termed unhealthy, but they aren’t most people’s favorite. They’re not as fresh or healthy or delicious as veggies straight from the ground, but they’re not as unhealthy as you think. They are reputed to have too much sodium, which isn’t good for you. However, if you buy the canned veggies with the low-sodium label, you’re actually eating well. In fact, the vitamin content and mineral content of fresh and frozen veggies is actually no different. You can stock your freezer or pantry with canned varieties and not worry about your sodium intake too much.

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They’re starchy carbs that are doing nothing for you but making you fat, right? Wrong. Potatoes are actually far healthier than you think they are. It’s filled with plenty of good carbs, and vitamins B-6 and C, which are both vital to your health. It’s also filled with both fiber and folate, which help to improve your overall health. While you shouldn’t eat potatoes all day, every day, they’re not that bad for you. The occasional baked potato or mashed potato is going to provide you with some nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and fit, which is good.

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Lower your risk of cancer by indulging in some good old fashioned salsa. Don’t overdo it on the nachos, however, because they’re not so good for you. Instead, enjoy some salsa with a delicious veggie or put it on top of your tacos. This condiment is actually linked to increased vitamin A and C intake, which will help make your hair thicker, your body healthier, and your overall health much better. You can even use this as a condiment on a burger; it’s particularly good when added to a heart health veggie burger. It’s the tomato base that makes for good health.

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You shouldn’t have caffeine because it’s not good for your system, right? Wrong. Caffeine, in general, isn’t something you need to consume on a consistent basis throughout the day, but it’s not that unhealthy. In fact, caffeine is actually better for you than you think. In fact, two 8 ounce cups of coffee per day will actually decrease your risk of heart issues such as heart failure by as much as 11 percent. However, more than five cups of coffee each day can increase your risk of heart failure. It’s all about moderation when it comes to coffee intake.

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They’re filled with fat, but they’re still good for you. Their high fat-content gave avocados a bad reputation, but don’t put down the guacamole just yet. If you have two tablespoons, you’re only taking in 50 calories. The monounsaturated fat found in avocados is actually really good for you, which is why you should try to eat some every few days. Just remember to snack in moderation or you do run the risk of taking in too many calories that aren’t going to be very friendly when it comes to your weight. Toss a little onto a salad and reap the healthy benefits.

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Dried Fruit

They’re reputed to be filled with sugar and other unhealthy additives, but some dried fruit is actually not that bad for your health. For example, when you consume dried fruits such as mango, kiwi, apples, bananas and even pears and peaches, you’re eating pretty well. Combine a handful of dried fruit with one glass of water and it actually increases your daily intake of fruit. See dried fruit is missing its water content, but a glass of water with your dried fruit increases your fruit intake over all, which is a much healthier snack option that many others.

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Red Meat

The misconception with red meat is the fact that people who eat too much of it are unhealthier than people who don’t eat much red meat, if any at all. However, the real problem with red meat is that most people that consume a lot of it also partake in other less than healthy habits, such as drinking too much, smoking cigarettes and not exercising as much. Someone who eats red meat but doesn’t overdo it with alcohol or smoke cigarettes and who exercises regularly is going to be just as healthy as a person that doesn’t consume red meat.

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You thought that red wine was the way to go for heart health, but it turns out that beer is just as good for your heart as a glass of red. Believe it or not, a pint of beer each day is enough to help reduce your chances of heart attack and heart disease by as much as 30 percent over those who don’t actually consume beer. Keep in mind, however, that four glasses of beer or wine each day is too much. This amount will actually increase your risk of heart disease and heart attack, which is never healthy.

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When it’s made correctly, pizza is actually pretty nutritious. The key is to make your own. Instead of ordering an unhealthy, greasy pizza from the local pizza delivery place, make your own at home. Premade dough is fine. You’re going to add healthy ingredients to it. For example, you can add a bit of salsa or other sauce that you make yourself, which is tomato based and not filled with additives. You can also add a few other healthy items such as fresh veggies, minimal cheese and less meat for an overall healthier pizza experience.

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If you eat eggs, you’re going to have high cholesterol and be unhealthy forever, right? Not really. Eggs have a bad rap and it’s due to some of the ingredients found in the yolk. However, they’re not actually that bad for you. Eggs can actually help you to get some of the necessary proteins and unsaturated fats you need to live healthier. One whole egg every day is not going to raise your cholesterol levels, either. Just stick to one a day to maintain your best possible health. If you want more, add a bit more egg white and leave out the yolk.

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