Ten Health and Wellness Sites We Highly Recommend


We’re all looking for that special edge but if there’s anything we’ve tried to express, that edge doesn’t really exist.  There are no shortcuts to feeling better, getting healthier, and having the lifestyle you desire.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t resources out there that can help greatly in assisting us achieve these things.

And not to mention affordable ways of doing it as well.  So we decided to comb the internet for some sites that really focus on health, fitness, and overall well-being.  We hope that you find these useful and send in your own picks if you got ’em!  Be sure to click “next” for each site!


Most people who go on Bodybuilding.com think that it’s this giant bodybuilder site. That’s 100% wrong. It’s chalk full of forums, advice articles, and also a giant selection of vitamins, equipment, etc etc. In addition to its namesake website which is an online store with editorial content and forums related to the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Bodybuilding.com also operates Athletes.com, and markets its own line of sports nutrition products under the brand name Higher Power. If you want to check out the latest deals and products be sure to visit their website.

Quality Health


Quality Health is what we would consider a general but incredibly detailed health site. From recipes to regimens to drugs, Quality Health covers the gamut. There are timely news articles, discussion boards, and more. QualityHealth was founded in 2000 with the business goal of becoming the largest health community online that matches consumers with relevant discounts, samples, and savings based on their personal health history. You can learn more about these discounts and samples by visiting their website.

Allergy Be Gone


Allergy Be Gone is a private company originally founded and currently funded by an allergy sufferer Allen Barsano. Allen has always been concerned in helping people who suffer from allergies. Not being born with any allergic symptoms, he never understood the struggle that people contend with in controlling allergic and asthmatic symptoms until he began to develop allergies in his twenties. After realizing the suffering and learning that there are ways to combat this illness he decided that it was time to help others heal in more homeopathic ways that just medication alone. That’s where Allergy Be Gone began. For more information on their deals and specials visit their website.

Serenity Health


Serenity Health provides you with hundreds of Stress-Free and Relaxation Products. They help you find products that truly calm, relax and bring serenity into your life. Whether it is a tabletop water fountain, a wall fountain or a garden fountain you are searching for, these water fountains will all provide you with the soothing feeling flowing water creates. You should definitely check out some of their stuff at their website.

House of Nutrition


This is one big site. House of Nutrition offers their customers a huge selection of name brand vitamins and supplements at some pretty solid discounts. They carry over 45,000 (The Most Supplements Online) with 600-800 products added each month and supplements from companies such as Solgar, Naturade, Twinlab, Country Life, Enzymatic, Jarrow, Nature’s Way plus many more. They also carry the largest selection of Nutrition Bars on the internet. Check out their products at their website.

Worldwide Sport Supply


Worldwide Sport Supply has been supplying wrestling, running & fitness, lacrosse, field hockey and volleyball gear for over 28 years. In addition they now offer MMA gear and apparel if that should tickle your fancy. The site is athlete owned and operated and prides itself on delivering the highest quality apparel and equipment to their customers with complete satisfaction. Some of the brands they sell include: Adidas, Asics, Mizuno, New Balance, Puma, Saucony and Wilson! NCAA Licensed Apparel is also available on their site.

Botanic Choice


Botanic Choice has been providing vitamins, herbs, and other effective natural supplements direct to consumers for over 100 years. Yup, 100 years. Once they opened their online store it was a no brainer that people would be checking out some of their best wellness vitamins and supplements. We highly recommend them as a safe and reliable site. Check out some of their best discounts here.

Diet To Go


Diet-to-Go is about healthy eating made easy. They pride themselves on creating the best tasting, nutritionally balanced, freshest food available. It’s about making life easier through promoting common sense healthy eating choices. Diet-to-Go is extremely customizable. With 3 distinct menus, calorie level options, and flexibility with breakfast, lunch and dinner combinations, there are literally hundreds of different meal plans to choose from. Diet-to-Go is one of the few companies that also offers a fresh local option with pick-up availability in 4 major markets at hundreds of convenient locations. Nationwide shipping is also available which makes Diet-to-Go accessible to just about everyone. Check out Diet-to-Go.



Bloggers & newsgroup dieters are raving because their muffins fit any weight loss program. Featured on the Rachael Ray, Today, CNBC, Fox News and Good Morning America shows. Winner of 2007 Best of Food Award for “Best Muffin”, FITNESS Magazine’s 2008 Healthy Food Award, BizRate 2009 Circle of Excellence award, 2010 Fitness Food Award and recently earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. They bake fresh all natural & delicious VitaMuffins, VitaTops, VitaBrownies and VitaCakes. In addition, their VitaMuffin Mixes allow you to bake our nutritious products at home. Get some great discounts at their online site.

Bistro MD


BistroMD’s awarding winning chefs work with their team of dietitians on a daily basis sourcing new food, refining current entrees and creating new dishes. With over 10 years experience, they have helped thousands of people lose weight, maintain a healthy diet and experience life changing results. If you’re looking for a weight loss program Bistro MD can help.


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